What is a wellness coach and why do I need one?

Let’s be real, you handle a lot in one day and often times all of the important stuff, oh like taking care of you, gets pushed aside. Your wellness coach gives you the tools + confidence to eat clean, move daily, be happy and still handle that to-do list so that you can truly become your best self!

A wellness coach is your person, your cheerleader, your go-to for bringing your life into balance. Think fitness expert, meets yogi, meets nutritionist, meets therapist, meets awesome gal pal.

Can you work with me regardless of where I live?

Yep, I sure can! That is the beauty of my online programs, no matter where you are we can work together. We can connect via face-time/Skype for a face-to-face session. It works great and is simple even if you are not tech savvy.

I currently workout, can we work together and still keep doing the workouts I enjoy?

Please! I love it when you already workout. Why stop doing what you love, that is just crazy. We will take your current routine and tweak it to maximize the results.

I am so out of balance, can we start slow?

Congratulations! The great thing about being a hot mess is there is only one direction you can go from here and that is to a happier, more balanced you. Yes, we can start slow. I customize everything for you, your body and where you are as a person.

I have an injury?

Working out with an injury or post injury can be scary; I know I have had my share. My programs have so much to offer beyond fitness that you will be just fine, but to answer your question… Best if we talk about your injury first. Shoot me an email, let’s chat.

Pregnancy- Help! I know I need to move my body, what is best yoga, fitness?

Being pregnant was a wonderful, transformational time for me and YES I have options that are right for you. I don’t know anyone who needs me-time like a mama needs me-time. At any stage of motherhood, learning to slow down, to listen to your body and nurture yourself is essential and so beneficial. Not to mention building strength and feeling good about yourself. Email me so we can decide what is best for you right now.