Welcome to my fav page! I am so thrilled to share these stories + testimonials with you. These ladies here have transformed their lives and they are kind enough to share their thoughts with us. They all kick some serious booty, but don’t take my word for it, read for yourself!                   xoxo, Lyns                                                           


~ jill b. ~
Lyndsey’s Lifestyle is everything I want my own personal lifestyle to be…and the ironic part is Lyndsey has mastered the art of not making it about her at all (even though it’s her lifestyle, and her name), she tricks you and makes it 100% about you and your NEW lifestyle.  After a few months of LL, all of the sudden your name is in front of the word “Lifestyle” and you didn’t even realize how fast the transition happened.  Lyndsey has figured out a way to fill the gap or connect the missing link of learning how to live a healthy lifestyle, the right way, forever.  The gap is filled through personal connection, starting with her clients inner struggles before the weight is even mentioned.  Let’s be honest, if stress, work, family, illness or unhappiness is at all a result of why you can’t seem to get healthy and stay healthy, Lyndsey makes sure she tackles those stresses with you first, before your weight loss is even a focus.  She asks the question “why can’t you stick to a balanced healthy lifestyle on your own…what’s holding you back?”  It’s powerful when you dissect that question.  Every Lyndsey’s Lifestyle Member is different than the next and she dedicates herself to being your support, guru, life coach, trainer, fellow foodie and true friend.  She does this while customizing a program you can stick to for the long haul.  Diets are out.  Quick weight loss gimmicks are out.  Hurting yourself at the gym is out.  This is a true lifestyle program, providing you with every support chain you may need as you start your new life journey of balance and health.  And don’t forget, all of her classes are semi-private where it’s you, her and just a few other gals…the personal attention and private training feel is in every class.  Oh and we have a blast too!  If your like me and kept an extra 30 pounds on for 6 years and you had zero balance in your life…you want to meet Lyndsey!
~ angie n. ~

I was/am fortunate to the be the “original” LL fan/follower/client and what an amazing and blessed journey it has been with Lyndsey! A little about me, I am a 36 year old mother of 4 children ages 10, 7, 5, and 2. I stay home with my children but as you can imagine it is hard to find time to breath, let alone workout.
When we started in January, I was discouraged, tired, burnt out, and unmotivated. Lyndsey started by changing the way I viewed working out, changed the way motivated myself through self talk, and ultimately changed my relationship with my body. She personalized my workouts so I had great ones for at the gym, workouts for when I only had 45 minutes downstairs while my littles napped, and even a 10 minute workout if I had time for nothing else. In August, I hit a 20 pound loss and a huge milestone! I couldn’t have been more proud of myself and I couldn’t have done it without Lyndsey. Since then, I have lost my father, had marital/family issues, and have had a huge scary medical issue within my family. I have fluctuated in my weight but have never lost the incredible support and encouragement from Lyndsey. She is a life coach, there through the ups and downs of life (and therefore weight) ready and willing to bring you back when you are ready. There to help you deal with stress in a healthy way. I could not ask for a better person to be on this journey with, she is a true gem, a wonderful coach, and beautiful person. There is no one I would or could give a higher recommendation for than Lyndsey. Love you girl. Thank you.

~ lisa p. ~
While it has only been a few weeks into my journey to a new lifestyle with Lyndsey and I already feel the difference. I really love the way Lyndsey is so passionate about her work and her clients. She has made me feel like I matter to her. I really appreciate how she is interested in helping me learn new ways to better myself. I’m so excited to see what happens with my workouts and my body
~ lynn ~
What to say about Lyndsey’s Lifestyle, Lyndsey the trainer… Lyndsey is a woman who has the amazing capacity to make you feel that you are not only an important client, but a valued friend. She asks the right questions – and more importantly helps you to ask yourself the right questions, to help you meet, understand or create goals for you. Her emphasis is always about love and acceptance for ourselves and our bodies. I’ve never experienced the type of caring and compassion from any other fitness or wellness center. I feel blessed and grateful that I am part of the Lyndsey’s Lifestyle program.
~ ashley ~
Lyndsey is absolutely the best secret weapon in the world! I am a new mom with a 5 month old baby and finding the time to workout is very hard (I used to be dedicated 5-6x per week). It’s been a hard adjustment for me learning how to be a mom, wife, business owner and fitness addict and to find the time to do it all. Lyndsey has done an incredible job at keeping me on track, helping me to focus on the positives (that I just gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl) and to stop focusing on the negatives (that my body isn’t 100% back yet, etc.) The check-ins help keep me accountable to sticking with my program with her and the motivation she gives me and quotes, etc. are so motivational and heart felt. Lyndsey truly cares about every single person she works with and is 100% committed to helping us all. I am so incredibly grateful to have Lyndsey and be working my Lyndseys Lifestyle program. I would be lost without it-truly. Lyndsey is the BEST decision you can make for you, your health, your mind and your body and changing your lifestyle and outlook on yourself and life.
~ katie J. ~
Lyndsey and her studio have truly been the positive change that was needed in my life. It is so easy to get caught up with work and the responsibilities of life that usually the first thing to go (at least for me) are my workouts. Especially when working out at a ‘standard’ gym or a class that has 30+ people in it, it’s very easy to get complacent and lose motivation because no one is paying attention to whether or not you show up! The difference in working out with Lyndsey is that she is there for you and genuinely cares for you and your well being. She motivates and checks-in on you (in a very non-invasive way) and provides that extra push we all need sometimes to make sure we are taking care of ourselves and our health. She focuses on what works for your body and tailors all of her workouts to fit you as opposed to you trying to fit into someone else’s way of working out. I take both yoga classes and her fusion classes (which I highly recommend for a full body work out!) and I was able to notice a difference both physically and mentally very quickly. Becoming part of the LL family and working out with Lyndsey has been such a great addition in my life I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!

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